Made In Manhattan

What sets us apart from every other clothing boutique is our willingness to accommodate to the needs and desires of all our clients. Wether you want to custom fit an existing piece of ours, or use one of our current patterns to create something you love, we are glad to work with you. We are always willing to re adjust our pieces to make sure our customers walk out looking flawless. Browse our production process and see how we go about catering to our special orders, and feel free to stop by our Soho flagship store if you're interested in one yourself. 

Audrey Sparkle in wool:silk charmeuse, $575 .jpg

Special Orders

Our most common special order is our gorgeous Audrey Dress. We are always willing to apply any color combination to this piece with any of our diverse collection of fabrics and patterns. Left is an example of our reversible Audrey Dress. The inside and outside can be produced in completely opposing colors and be worn as two entirely different dresses.